Pre-departure Checklist

Published: 29 Nov 2008

Tags: books, life, los angeles, travel

Whelp, after dropping about $250 into my car for a road trip inspection offered by the local gas station, I now have fresh oil, a new A/C belt, a new motor belt, and I’m almost ready to hit the road. The last pieces of my room are beginning to get packed up (nothing like taking apart and putting away your workspace to reenforce you’re actually moving somewhere new) and I’m finally, yet again, consolidating my life into a few brown boxes and getting ready to take it all across the country. There are a few final last minute preparations I’m making before I take off

Sync new music to my iPod (mostly hip-hop and drum n bass, need something to keep me motivated on the road)

As I’ve mentioned before, I also want to keep this blog updated with my status, pictures, and thoughts from the road. For the minor stream-of-consciousness musings I think I’m going to use Twitter, which I can easily update using my Blackberry. I’m going to test out a piece of voice transcribing software and see if I can’t dictate my tweets and have them automatically post online, maybe even display those tweets here on my blog (if I can get my Wordpress Twitter plugin to work, that is). Depending on wireless coverage I might also be uploading photos and small updates here nightly. It all sounds so simple on paper, but I guess we will see how it turns out. Either way, I will most likely write a long entry here about the trip and what I learned along the way.

Adios, East Coast.