Six Link Saturday – Second helpings edition

Being on the road is awesome, but sometimes it means I don’t get to post stuff here that often. In repentance for my errors, I will be posting twelve entirely interesting internet items for your eyes:

  1. Sadly it’s gone, the Gallery of Lost Art has been taken offline as of today, but you can still give it a peek (and soon you’ll be able to buy the book!) – Gallery of Lost Art

  2. Nosewise, Bragge, Nameles, Cafall, and other monikers people chose for their pets back in medieval times. – MetaFilter

  3. Pounds to Dollars, Dollars to Bottle Caps, Bottle Caps to Galactic Credits, Galactic Credits to Dollarpounds, a currency converter we could all take advantage of – Sci-Fi Currency Converter

  4. Turn that dusty old oscilloscope into something useful, like a clock! – Oscilloclock

  5. Ten Food Lies We’ve All Been Fed – Neatorama

  6. A little known transcription of the initial production meetings for Raiders of The Lost Ark with Lucas, Spielberg, and Larry Kasdan – Mad Dog Movies

  7. Long-exposure gunfire photos from the Vietnam War taken by Jim Hensinger – Picasa

  8. Secretly recorded audio reveals Rupert Murdoch has no sympathies for the staff of The Sun, among other issues – Gawker

  9. The Best Freebies for Designers, June 2013 – Speckboy

  10. Check out the MidiAlf 8-step MIDI sequencer from MidiSizer, going to start building one of these very soon – MidiSizer

  11. What war blogger Kevin Sites brings to the battlefield – Boing Boing

  12. The American Gallery of Juror Art – Blogger

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