Six Link Saturday

A little experiment. Six Link Saturday will be a regular installment (hopefully every Saturday, or else the name will start to sound silly) of 6 interesting, astounding, or otherwise relevant internet items, hand-picked by yours truly. Served chilled.

The six links of Six Link Saturday will all be unique, six different websites about six different topics concerning six different circumstances you probably haven’t even heard about yet. Oh, and one picture of my choosing will also be provided (is ‘Six Link Saturday And Also One Picture’ a catchy title?).

  1. The rivers of America – Boing Boing

  2. The Art of Punk: How Black Flag and Raymond Pettibon plastered the world in classic handbill trash and created the world’s most tattooed logo – Dangerous Minds

  3. A Henry Rollins double feature, LA Weekly’s recent sit-down with the Black Flag frontman in conversations about Los Angeles, almost getting killed at his own shows (twice), and anger – LA Weekly

  4. Jackie Chan tells his best story ever about his first encounter with Bruce Lee (spoiler: somebody gets hurt) – CBC

  5. Silk: Interactive Generative Art –

  6. Seven of the best Sci-Fi bars in the world – io9