This page is a repository for many of the musical projects I’ve embarked on under various names since I began twiddling around with Ableton Live in 2008. Much of my musical output in the early days came from exploriations with a variety of synthesizers, eurorack modules, digital audio softwares, and from studying different production techniques (and much of it still does!). Most of this content lived on Soundcloud for the longest time, but in the interest of divesting myself from profit-driven platforms that have taken a turn for the worst, I’m offering it all up here, for free, under a Creative Commons BY-NC-SA license.

If you’d like to support my music, or just hear my more cohesive musical endeavors, please visit my Bandcamp. I also occasionally upload a DJ set to Mixcloud, though I’m beginning to livestream more and more of my sets to Twitch.


  • Movin' Bodies Movin' Bodies
    Ratatat and Beastie Boys as it was meant to be. First attempt at a mashup track, an early recording. groovy, hip hop, mashup 07/21/2007
  • Interrobang Interrobang
    Small re-edit of a Mr. Oizo intro featured on an Ed Banger Records compilation album. dance, french, house, remix 04/21/2008
  • Marauding Monotribe Marauding Monotribe
    A quick live jam with my KORG Monotribe and Roland MC-909 Groovebox. Mixed ITB and recorded with Ableton Live. KORG, MC-909, Roland, acid, driving, monotribe, techno 01/12/2013
  • Vibertations Vibertations
    Bit of a dubby techno acid track. If memory serves, you're hearing a x0xb0x on bass and a Machinedrum do those kooky drum things. Not directly inspired by Luke Vibert but I was listening to a lot of his output at the time. Elektron, Machinedrum, acid, cold, dub, mysterious, techno, x0xb0x 04/10/2013
  • Bearcid Bearcid
    A slightly em-bear-issing acid track. More of a musical sketch if anything, with bears. Also a test drive of my Future Retro Revolution. KORG, Monotribe, acid, driving, techno 06/24/2013
  • Icicle Shimmer Icicle Shimmer
    A frosty ambient track, the sound of a Roland JX-3P being played via a modular CV sequence. JX-3P, Roland, ambient, cold, modular 11/10/2014


  • BYOC Mouse + SH-101 BYOC Mouse + SH-101
    Sound test of my BYOC Mouse distortion pedal. Testing each distortion mode and tweaking filter and distortion amount with each. A bit of tweaking on the SH-101 is done towards the end with some cool results. DIY, Roland, SH-101, distortion, guitar pedal 10/19/2013
  • Nord G2 First Patch Nord G2 First Patch
    Testing out my first patch on a Nord G2 rack. G2, Nord, bass, modular, virtual analog 02/28/2014
  • Shruthi XT SMR4 First Noodle Shruthi XT SMR4 First Noodle
    This demo is just a noodle of the XT control surface and SMR-4 filter. I tried to capture some of the squelchy and fat characteristics of this particular board. I plan on using a 4PM filter eventually in the XT, just have to build it first! The sound is straight from the output of the Shruthi into my MOTU interface. The Shruthi is being sequenced by a MIDI-enabled KORG Monotribe. Enjoy! DIY, Mutable Instruments, Shruthi, digital, jam, monophonic 04/29/2014
  • Modular SH-101 Modular SH-101
    Running a CV and gate sequence from a modular system into a Roland SH-101. It gave me a little melody in return. Roland, SH-101, lead, melody, modular 10/13/2014
  • APC Modular Techno Jam APC Modular Techno Jam
    Running a Synthrotek Atari Punk Console module through its paces. Filtered by the TipTop Z2040, sequenced by the Turing Machine and a bit of Maths. bass, driving, eurorack, modular, techno 01/06/2015