Gentoo, a third way

It’s been a few months going now but I’ve finally got a working computer with a working, stable operating system again. Before I hopelessly broke Ubuntu and tried choking down another install of Windows, things seemed to be down right fantastic, but at any rate, I’m now running a super fast and super stable install of Gentoo Linux on my aging Thinkpad T41p and I couldn’t be happier.

Well, I could be a little happier with it. One of the more complicated aspects of Gentoo has to do with the fact that you must configure a lot of the system by hand (no fancy Ubuntu auto configurations here!) and while going through this process is useful in terms of helping one understand what is going on under the hood of their system, it also presents some unique problems. Right now, for instance, I cannot get my graphics card working when I login as my main user. I’ve instead had to log in as root the past few days, but this pesky problem is one in a long list of technical malfunctions that I plan to squelch, and when I do, it’ll probably be announced here.

While I don’t have much of it at the moment (and probably won’t until I graduate), I will end up posting some pieces of my Gentoo adventures here when I get a sliver of free time. Some fixes to this website will also follow. Hopefully there will be many of them made.

This page was last updated on February 11, 2008.