David M. Schulman

Hey there, my name is David Michael Schulman (he/him) and I am a frontend web developer currently based out of Philadelphia, PA. I admire minimal, lightweight, and well-designed web applications, endeavoring to incorporate those values into every project that comes across my desk. In my current role, I cover full-stack web development (with a focus on frontend) for Saint Joseph’s University in Philadelphia, maintaining and evolving the university’s public-facing web presence across a variety of systems and applications.

As we watch our digital world evolve in complexity and scale, it is apparent that many online spaces have gotten away from the simple ideas that drove the early web. My talent as a developer rests between the integration of new technologies and building upon a solid foundation of semantic HTML, responsive CSS, mobile friendly user experience (UX), and reliable web accessibility (a11y). Design around these principals and the rest will follow, because if your site can’t be viewed by all, across any device, and at remarkable speed, then what’s the point? Though I am framework agnostic, I’m a big believer in utilizing UI patterns, asset libraries, and thinking in terms of Atomic Design.