Lost America - Ghost Towns

In what I’m assuming is a side project of Design Sheds founder Troy Paiva, Lost America is a retro slice of the middle of the country containing desolate and abandoned pieces of America’s past. The past, in this case, is otherwise defined as a time from the 1950s until the mid 1970s, when everyone drove a Cadillac and people wore hats to work.

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North Shore Marina, Salton Sea. All, the letters are gone now. That white crust on the ground? Dead fish. Millions of dead fish. Night, 160T film, 100% full moon / star light, 8 minutes, f5.6.

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Inside one of the out buildings at the ghost town Lockhart, CA. Night, full moon, totally dark room, LED flashlight. Canon 20D.

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The stars spiral overhead at the massive abandoned mine complex in Grantsville, Nevada. Night, full moon, 6 minutes, f5.6, 100VS film. Available light only.

Lost America: Ghost Towns

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