Hot damn, I love the internet

Not two days after I mentioned the blog here, The Anonymous Production Assistant gave me a small write up about this very page and added me to his blogroll, spotlighting me in front of his legions of readers and making me feel just a little bit more special. This is how the blog-o-sphere works, people! Honor linkbacks, network with the right people, and share your knowledge.

This news creates some issues for me, however. Namely that I now really need to finish up work on this site. I believe my comments form could use some updating, as well as drafting general layout tweaks and actually posting to my About section. I’ll also need to, you know, start writing here more than once a week, but that shouldn’t be a problem moving forward. The real issue however, is coming up with something constructive and interesting to discuss every few days. Thinking caps, on.

My job has recently been preventing me from devoting the proper amount of time to this site (what else is new?), but the good news is that I’m almost finished with video project I’m cutting together and I will be able to spend some hours here soon after it is complete. Subsequent cuts will be posted to my Portfolio in due time.

But to note, I purchased Fallout 3 yesterday, so forget about all that stuff I just said about putting in work here. See ya in a few weeks!

This page was last updated on October 28, 2008.