Well, I'm here, so now what?

Thursday was the day. After speeding through the desert, flying by lonely gas stations, Indian reservations, low shrubs, and brush fires, I made it to the California border (which had a checkpoint of all things). After surrendering all of my citrus fruit to the friendly border agents and making my way through the 15 and 210, I safely made it to North Hollywood around 8pm PST and was met by a welcome party of friends along Laurel Canyon Blvd who helped me celebrate the end of a week long trip. It’s a little too early and I’m still a little too busy to start reflecting on the whole experience, but I believe once I start to transfer off all of the photos I took with my camera the words will begin to flow. Right now I’m just focused on decompressing, not having to deal with driving for 12 hours a day, and getting myself situated in the San Fernando Valley.

My first order of business upon landing was to find a place to live, but due to some well thought out arrangements, I’ve already been able to spend my second night in town in my own room (on a huge Aero-bed). Today will probably be spent trawling Craigslist looking for an apartment and some basic furniture (a desk and chair would be really nice to have right about now), and when not situated in front of my laptop, I’ll get out and explore this new and mysterious area a bit. Maybe even do some grocery shopping if I feel motivated enough. So far though, this town is taking a lot less time to adjust to than I imagined. Once you get over how endless the urban sprawl seems, the five lane highways, the street vendors, the traffic, and the sheer amount of stuff to do out here, it is just like any other place, only bigger and sunnier (and more awesomer).

Think I’m going to go take a walk around.

This page was last updated on December 06, 2008.