31 Days of NPR - A New Congress But (Sadly) The Same Old Jokes

It’s All Politics is a dry show full of obscure references. Hosts Ken Rudin and Ron Elving are another reason why this is one of my favorite programs to listen to on NPR (but only on Thursdays). Looking for a witty and funny way to spend thirty minutes of your life? Especially if you know a thing or two about politics or US history, you should tune into It’s All Politics.

With a new set of House members swearing in to the 112th United States Congress, IAP has no shortage of points to talk (very quickly) about. As an added bonus, the change over of staff over at the White House as well as a mention of legendary Chicago politician Bill Daley made for some interesting conversation in the most recent Political Junkie segment.

Listen away!

This page was last updated on January 06, 2011.