Hey there, my name is David Michael Schulman. I’m a front-end web developer currently based out of Philadelphia, PA. I admire minimal, lightweight, and well-designed web applications, endeavoring to incorporate those values into every project that comes across my desk. Currently I lead full stack development at University of the Sciences, maintaining and evolving the university’s web presence across all public-facing websites and applications.

Web development and design has been an interest of mine as far back as I can remember. With humble beginnings on Geocities (my first ever website was about the game Unreal!), I dabbled and experimented with my own web designs that resembled the graphic and print layouts I grew up admiring moreso than they did any hypetext document (thanks for the inspiration, Phaidon Press). In many ways I also credit the website Superbad.com for showing me very early on what was possible with a medium such as the web.