Going down the disconnect rabbit hole

Today, I’ve quit Facebook.

Well, quit isn’t really the right word seeing as I still have an active account, and I’m fully expecting to relapse in some form or another down the road, but for the moment, and as resolutions in the new year tend to go, I’m “disconnecting” and seeing how long I can keep it up.

As far as online social media addiction, I would place myself in the middle of the spectrum. The thought of what insignificant tidbit of relationship information or cat meme I could be missing out on does not keep me up at night, yet I still find myself logging in for a quick check here and there, mostly to keep myself entertained as well as to see what everyone I know is up at this particular point in their lives. Though it might be a nice way to waste time while feeling even the least bit productive, time on Facebook, I’ve learned, is time that can be better spent (not to mention social media could be considered the simplest form of online engagement and your time is much too valuable to be consumed by simple matters).

Throw away that reply to someone else’s internet argument. Don’t feel obligated to reach the end of your feed every night. Say goodbye to ever being mildly enticed to click on a Buzzfeed link. Go outside or read a book or build something cool instead.

If I’m encouraged by anything it’s the fact that my phone is 50x more responsive now that I no longer have the Facebook app installed, but I’m interested to see where this will end up going.

Adios muchachos.