RSS Habits

I read a lot of websites. Generally I prefer to go to those websites to get my information fix, but I’ve also been looking into utilizing RSS feeds so I can more easily access my favorite sites across multiple web platforms. This usage is especially interesting to me now that I own a tablet computer and am looking to develop some programs that take advantage of different protocols like RSS for displaying content.

Google Reader is the best way I’ve found to manage RSS feeds and sort them into appropriate groups, but I never liked their web design. Plus the ability to locally store the hundreds of stories I browse everyday is pretty damn useful. For this reason, I like using a local client. FeedDemon on Windows 7 is what I have running right now and I’m enjoying the experience so far. However, setting up a new RSS reader that easily syncs with Google Reader has forced me to go back through my old RSS feeds and clean out some junk.

I consume a HUGE amount of content online and it changes on a frequent basis. Android apps like Google Listen, which I use for syncing podcasts, have enhanced my RSS library by allowing me to add feeds for my favorite shows and podcasts directly to Google Reader. Now I’ve got articles, audio, and sometimes video available to me on the go.

Even though I intend to keep growing this list, I felt the need to capture what I’m currently browsing via RSS here. Feeds have been conveniently categorized below, though I am always working to refine how my streams are sorted. Presented, for your viewing pleasure, my huge list of feeds:


  • Al Jazeera

  • BBC World News

  • CNN

  • Drudge Report


  • Foreign Policy

  • Huffington Post

  • LAist

  • Los Angeles Times

  • New York Times

  • NPR News

  • Politico

  • Talking Points Memo

  • The Atlantic

  • The Guardian

  • Wall Street Journal


  • BloggingStocks

  • ETF Digest

  • Financial Times

  • Get Rich Slowly

  • Seeking Alpha

  • The Economist


  • Boing Boing

  • Crooks and Liars

  • Dangerous Minds

  • Gawker

  • Mother Jones

  • Neatorama

  • Reader Supported News

  • ShortFormBlog

  • Slate Magazine

  • The Consumerist

  • Time Magazine

  • Vice Magazine

Sci Tech

  • AnandTech

  • Android Central

  • Ars Technica

  • Darknet

  • Engadget

  • Hacker News

  • Nature

  • ReadWriteWeb

  • TechCrunch

  • Trendy Gadget

  • Wired Magazine


  • Cinematical

  • /Film

  • Kotaku

  • Pitchfork

Design and Production

  • A List Apart

  • COLOURlovers Top Palettes

  • COLOURlovers Top Patterns

  • CSS Drive

  • Design Meltdown

  • DJ TechTools

  • I love typography

  • Inspired Magazine

  • Kuler Top Pallets

  • Small House Style

  • Smashing Magazine

  • Tiny House Blog

  • Web Creme


  • A Continuous Lean.

  • Autoblog

  • DoseNation

  • Esquire

  • GQ Magazine

  • Gridskipper

  • Jalopnik

  • Lifehacker

  • Matador Network

  • The Art of Manliness

Food and Drink

  • Serious Eats

  • Simply Recipes

  • TasteSpotting


  • Better Living Through Design

  • Cool Hunting

  • Gear Patrol

  • Kidrobot Blog

  • MoCo Loco

  • NiceKicks


  • The Cool Hunter

  • Turntable Labs new

  • Uncrate

  • WatchTime


  • Dealnews

  • LogicBUY

  • Woot Deals


  • Achewood

  • Boondocks

  • Bug

  • Dilbert

  • Doonesbury

  • FoxTrot

  • Kate Beaton

  • Nedroid

  • Penny Arcade!


  • xkcd

Long Form

  • Give Me Something To Read

  • Longform

  • Longreads

  • The Millions

  • The New Yorker

Music Blogs

  • Binary



  • Gotta Dance Dirty

  • No Genre

Blogs and Friends

  • A Collection of Odd.

  • At Home on Hendrik

  • By Ken Levine

  • Hollywood Juicer

  • John August

  • The Anonymous PA

  • Tim Ferriss

Image Subscriptions

  • Creattica

  • explodingdog


  • Fuck Yeah Helvetica


  • Streetsy

  • The Big Picture

  • The Design Inspiration

  • three frames

  • Wooster Collective

Podcast Subscriptions

  • APM: Marketplace

  • C-SPAN After Words

  • C-SPAN Newsmakers

  • C-SPAN Podcast of the Week

  • C-SPAN Q and A

  • C-SPAN The Communicators

  • C-SPAN Radio Washington Today

  • NPR Programs: Talk of the Nation

  • NPR: Fresh Air Podcast

  • NPR: Hourly News Summary Podcast

  • NPR: Its All Politics Podcast

  • NPR: Planet Money Podcast

  • On Point with Tom Ashbrook Podcast

  • Patt Morrison

  • Radio Times Podcast

  • TWiT.TV

Video Subscriptions

  • Ignite

  • TED Talks
  • VBS.TV
This page was last updated on January 06, 2011.